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RTA AT WISPAmerica 2019

Scale or Sell

As a business person, you face two choices to meet the growing demands of an increasingly sophisticated customer base.

Scale or Sell

But what if your choice wasn’t one or the other?

.What if you could choose both?


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Stop Trading Time For Money

If you are like many WISP owners you are exchanging time for money. The truth is, the time you are trading isn’t just yours. As a result, everyone you love is being shortchanged.

RTA gives you the chance to grow the services offered to your customers while giving you more time to live the life you value most.


Local WISP Growing Demands

What is your plan to keep up with the growing competition, customer demands, and expectations for your network?


US TeleHealth market growth (CAGR) through 2025


US Connected Farm market growth (CAGR) through 2023


US Demand for online education growth (CAGR) through 2023


employed Americans spent at least some time working remotely in 2018

Why RTA?

RTA is committed to help:

  • Bridge the Digital Divide between urban and rural America
  • Build economic and social prosperity in the rural areas
  • Promote “rural America is open for business” initiative

The process is easy and transparent.

Start the conversation today.


RTA has assembled a very experienced and proven team with roots that run deep in all aspects related to building and managing a national Telecom.


RTA is rapidly expanding and actively seeking WISP’s across the United States to join RTA through a fair and transparent process.


RTA delivers a wide array of products and services supported by around the clock world class customer service while rewarding you with more time and money. 

Building a Nationwide Rural Network

RTA | Rural Telecommunications of America, Inc is committed to supporting America’s rural communities by providing reliable high-speed internet access at an affordable price.

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